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WTF is a 1Hive?!

1Hive is a group of like minded builders and entrepreneurs exploring novel ways to create, organize, and grow communities.

We believe that the emergence of the web-3  stack and distributed ledgers will be a catalyst for more effective coordination among globally distributed and loosely associated digital communities. These ideas have broadly crystalized around the idea of decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs.

DAOs have the potential to be massively disruptive. We envision a world where open community-driven enterprises are common and compete effectively alongside traditional companies and platforms. Where a new breed of freelancer can engage in a future where work is more social, global, transparent, and fair. However, there are significant technical and legal hurdles that must be overcome before the potential of DAOs can be realized. 1Hive is attempting to identify and overcome these hurdles as we go.

In 2019 we started experimenting by using an Aragon organization on Rinkeby to coordinate around a community currency called Honey 🍯. We have since migrated to Ethereum Mainnet.

A trusted set of community members refered to within the community as Bees 🐝 are stewards of the 1Hive community and collectively make decisions when it becomes important to seek community consensus.

We mapped out an initial process with several flows for rewarding contributions using bounties, nominations, and other mechanisms and we are continuing to iterate as we go.

However, more important than any specific process within 1Hive is the culture of our community. We strive to operate in a transparent and inclusive manner. We want to empower our community members to take action and create value on their own terms, while also navigating the inevitable challenges that arise due to some contributions being more valuable than others and the reality that some efforts attract grants or investment and others do not.

We have spun up several interesting projects and initiatives within our small community, many of which have associated organizations and unique processes. It may feel a bit messy or chaotic, but each project is unique and presents an opportunity to experiment, iterate, and optimize.

You can find our living hand book on notion to get a sense of how we are currently operating and what projects are being worked on, but know that it is living document that will almost certainly change and evolve.

You can also join our community chat on keybase or explore our Github. We are a friendly group, so if you are interested in learning more about what's going on just say Hi. 👋