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Welcome to 1Hive
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Welcome to 1Hive

1Hive is a community of builders driven by a desire to improve how humans collaborate online. We are explorers and pioneers blazing a trail towards a future of work which is more global, open, transparent, and fair.
Welcome to 1Hive

A few things you should know

  1. 1Hive is a community of builders driven by a desire to improve how humans collaborate online.
  2. We are structured a bit like a virtual hacker house or start-up incubator. Projects or "swarms" started under the 1Hive umbrella benefit from shared technical, social, and legal infrastructure, but otherwise are completely independent initiatives started and maintained by our community.
  3. We are figuring things out and learning as we go, expect the community to be in a constant state of continous iteration and improvement for the foreseable future.

Our Thesis

We believe that the emergence of the web-3  stack and distributed ledgers will be a catalyst for more effective coordination among globally distributed and loosely associated digital communities. These ideas have broadly crystalized around the idea of decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs.

DAOs have the potential to be massively disruptive. We envision a world where open community-driven enterprises are common and compete effectively alongside traditional companies and platforms. Where a new breed of freelancer can engage in a future where work is more social, global, transparent, and fair. However, there are significant technical and legal hurdles that must be overcome before the potential of DAOs can be realized.  

We have chosen the Aragon platform as a foundation for our exploration into the DAO space. We consider ourselves pioneers, going out into the wilderness and blazing a trail for the next wave.

We are actively using Aragon to organize the 1Hive community and its Swarms. Many of the projects we are working on are born out of tangible pain points experienced putting DAOs into practical use.

Find us on Keybase, Github, and Twitter.